Africaboy EO

Africaboy EO

Eleyinmi Odunayo Adekoya brought into the world on December 6, 90’s period, expertly known as Africaboy EO and a Nigerian Afro-Beat singer,He started his music process at 17 years old and delivered his most memorable single on December 2016 “Hustle Boy” under the stage name of “Reminiscent Tyga” Africaboy EO is genuinely a music sweetheart who has the enthusiasm to push his music vocation to the world and offer his story through his music

Africaboy EO hail from Ondo state Nigeria,He began his music process as a Rapper he was impacted by his cohort in optional school

In august 2019 Africaboy EO connect up with capable female vocalist Conffyghold the two of them work on a joint effort single melody “I Can’t Deny” this is the tune that made Africaboy Boy well known the cooperation truly went the distance and got more fans across the web

Africaboy EO changed his stage name from “Reminiscent Tyga” to Africaboy mid 2020 after certain months Africaboy EO chose to add “EO” to his stage name which is mean “Eleyinmi Odunayo “

He has the enthusiasm to give his fans a decent music and convey the best to allow his music to address the world

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