Blind herbalist defrauds 86-yr-old woman of N19m, sleeps with her daughter, grand daughter

<strong>Blind herbalist<strong>

Director of Investigation Kunle Akirinde has said that an 86-year-old woman is currently struggling to recover N19 million from a blind herbalist who allegedly defrauded her on the pretext of treating her child’s illness. Perform a ritual to earn money through it with her grandmother.

An elderly woman tries desperately to prevent the deaths of her children, but finds herself in trouble. The 86-year-old woman, identified simply as Mrs. Alimot, had 15 children, but they were killed one by one, leaving three children behind. When one of her remaining children fell ill with a strange illness last year, the 80-year-old woman began a desperate search for a cure. She happened upon a weekly program on a popular radio station in Ogun State where a blind herbalist was featured as a man with magical powers.

The secret to curing diseases and seeing the vision of problems in people’s lives. So Mrs. Alimot, who lives in Mowe area of Ogun State, wrote down her phone number and address to find her solution and then contacted Mr. Owolabi Adefemi, a herbalist in Ogijo, another community in Ogun State. (also known as Ojunu) visited his home. disease.

Who captured her daughter?
She fell into the scammer’s trap without realizing it. Mr. Adefemi is said to have told the woman that death lurks around her house and that death can only be avoided by making amends by sacrificing a cow.

The desperate woman immediately offered the victim the amount demanded, setting off a chain of demands for additional money for the unexpected victim, swallowing a total of N19 million. By the time women and children saw it, she had sold two buildings while her daughter and granddaughter repeatedly warmed the doctor’s bed. It’s time for an elderly homeless woman and her children to seek justice and repay the money the herbalist allegedly defrauded them.

She keeps saying that in exchange for the herbalist giving medicine to cure her daughter’s illness, she can make her daughter rich by sacrificing a few cows and other expensive things. She said she noticed that.
Mr Alimot said: “He said he would take the big cow to Agbara and then move it to Mowo area of Badagry.

“He was asked to enter the house with his back to the door and he saw a tall young man lying on the floor. He said that the cow he had given money to buy had turned into a human being. “We were shown lots of cash in bags of various denominations.

“Later, Babalawo Ojunu (Owolabi Adefemi) and an old man named Agbakin who we met inside the building told us that we could not receive the money as we were not with a third party. I left.

When we came back, he didn’t give us any money either. Instead, he said the money would come to my house in the evening.

“He then said that a king of Ile-Ife, Osun State, had summoned him over my matter and that the sum of N2 million was needed to appease the king.

“That day we paid him the sum of 5 million Naira but he never gave me any amulet for my sick child and the child did not die as he said to lure me to sell house and gave him the proceeds from the sale. sales.

“I sold the house I built for N9 million for N5 million and I gave him the money. I also sold another house and gave him a total of about N19 million.

“I want my money back from Owolabi Adefemi alias Ojunu and Nigerians should help me because I don’t have a home anymore.

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