FG spends N3 million feeding 4,000 inmates daily — Tunji-Ojo


Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has revealed that the Federal Government spends N3 million on feeding about 4,000 inmates daily across the country.

According to the Minister, such an impressive figure further justified the need for the congestion of custodial centers across the country.

Tunji-Ojo shared this information on Tuesday while featuring on Channel TV’s Politics Today.

He stated that the move to decongest the correctional facility is partly economical, ensuring that the federal government is prudent in its allocation of resources.

He said,

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  • “So, before you go on, let me say this. You look at the economy of scale. To feed these 4,068 inmates costs the government about N3 million a day. Multiply N3 million a day by 365 days.
  • “To feed these 4,068 inmates costs the government about N3 million a day. Multiply N3 million a day by 365 days.”

Responding to a question around allegations that some prison officials are colluding with non-state actors to fuel terrorism in the country, the Minister said such action, if proven true, is treasonable, describing it as “despicable”.

He said,

  • “It is reasonable as far as I am concerned. You cannot be an officer of government and you swore an oath to protect the integrity of this country and compromise it by conniving with terrorists. That would be despicable and unacceptable
  • “It is out of this world. It is not something I can even imagine in my head that an officer of the law will go as low as conniving with terrorists to attack the nation. That is a treasonable offense.
  • “That can never under any guise or condition be swept under the carpet. It is a serious allegation. Be rest assured that in the interest of Nigerians, for somebody to undermine the security of this country, it is a reasonable thing,” he added.

What You Should Know

Earlier this month, Hitnaija reported that the federal government freed about 4,086 inmates from the custodial centres whose detainment was due to their inability to pay their bail fees.

Tunji-Ojo shared that the federal government paid the sum of N500 million raised from the private sector and civil society.

He said,

  • “We raised N585 million from the private sector to offset these fines and compensations to save the government of average of N1.1 billion per annum in feeding. That’s just the economy of scale,” he added.
  • “So, to me, what is the justification behind feeding somebody with N1.1 billion why holding him for N585 million, especially when that N585 million isn’t coming from the government?”

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