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<strong>FLOWZY LAGOS<strong>

“LAGOS” is a vibrant and energetic new song by FLOWZY that perfectly encapsulates the pulsating atmosphere of the iconic Nigerian city.

With its infectious beats and catchy melodies, this track immerses listeners in the bustling streets, vibrant culture, and diverse soundscape of Lagos.

FLOWZY’s smooth and captivating vocals transport you to the heart of the city, offering a sonic journey through its dynamic rhythm and rich musical heritage. “

LAGOS” is a celebration of Lagos’ vibrant spirit, showcasing the fusion of traditional Afrobeat with modern pop elements, creating an irresistible and groovy anthem that will leave you wanting to dance along.

Whether you’re a Lagosian or simply love the vibrant energy of urban life, “LAGOS” is the perfect invitation to immerse yourself in the infectious rhythm of this extraordinary city.


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