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HotKid & Yo X — Metro

<strong>HotKid Yo X Metro<strong>

“Hotkid and Yo X have teamed up to deliver an electrifying new music sensation titled ‘Metro.’

This latest release has already become the talk of the town in Nigeria, with music enthusiasts and industry insiders buzzing about its infectious beats and captivating lyrics.

Raman Jago, ‘Metro’ Cruise showcases Hotkid and Yo X’s exceptional vocal abilities, blending seamlessly with the pulsating rhythm and catchy melodies.

The track takes listeners on a sonic journey, painting vivid pictures of the bustling city life and the vibrant energy of the metro.

With its undeniable appeal and the stamp of approval from Raman Jago, ‘Metro’ is set to dominate the music charts and become the next big hit in Nigeria’s music scene.”

Listen below


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