Israeli airstrikes kill 558 people in Gaza

Smoke rises following Israeli strikes in Gaza October 7 2023 Mohammed SalemReuters

Israeli airstrikes have killed in excess of 558 individuals in the Gaza Strip, the Wellbeing Service in the Palestinian territory says.

In excess of an additional 65 individuals have been considered dead, increasing the aggregate, while more than 2,800 have been harmed.

Israel sent off the counterattack after a significant attack by the Palestinian association Hamas, which governs the Gaza Strip.

Around 700 individuals have been killed in Israel and 2,400 others harmed in the most terrible non-military personnel slaughter in Israeli history.

In excess of 100 Israelis have additionally been kidnapped into the Gaza Strip and Hamas says the Israeli air attacks killed four prisoners.

Hamas is delegated a fear-monger association by the European Association, the US and Israel.

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