Kurrichana – Rhythm Of My Soul Album


Kurrichana releases album of the year with “Rhythm of my Soul”, this record reflects Kurri’s life activities and how he reflects on his music and sound. This album is a soulful album because it contains rhythms and sounds that connect with the soul.


Rhythm of My Soul is a work that Kurrichana always wants to bring to fans around the world, so that they can feel her soul and connect with art. Kurrichana released her first single Pressure to show the world what to expect from this album. Life happens to everyone on earth and we believe that Kurrichana touches every aspect of life. Right from the album name, you can still connect with its soul and not have to pay rent. 75% of the album is touching and I hope you find soul in it, enjoy and appreciate it.

Stream/download RHYTHM OF SOUL HERE

Track List

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