[MUSIC] Shoday – Brkfst EP

<strong>Shoday Brkfst<strong>

Shoday presents their highly anticipated EP, “Brkfst,” a collection of six tracks to take listeners on a captivating musical journey. With their unique blend of electronic, hip-hop, and R&B influences, Shoday showcases their versatility and innovative sound throughout the EP.

Opening with the title track, “Brkfst,” Shoday sets the tone with infectious beats and smooth melodies that instantly grab attention. The song effortlessly combines soulful vocals with intricate production, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that sets the stage for what’s to come.

Overall, Shoday’s “Brkfst” EP is a testament to their artistry and musical prowess. With its diverse range of tracks, the EP showcases its ability to blend genres and create a cohesive sonic experience.

Shoday Brkfst EP Tracklist

1. HalleluyahDOWNLOAD
2. Silver SpoonDOWNLOAD
3. Girls HostelDOWNLOAD
4. Billion Boy (feat. Bella Shmurda)DOWNLOAD
5. Wuru WuruDOWNLOAD

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