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Rybeena – Idme


“ID.ME” is a captivating new track by Nigerian artist Rybeena that is sure to leave listeners hooked from the very first beat.

With its infectious blend of Afrobeat and contemporary pop sounds, this song is a true reflection of Rybeena’s unique musical style. The lyrics of “ID.ME” delve into themes of self-discovery and individuality, encouraging listeners to embrace their true selves and break free from societal expectations.

Rybeena’s smooth and soulful vocals effortlessly glide over the melodic instrumentals, creating a mesmerizing sonic experience. The catchy chorus and rhythmic verses make “ID.ME” a perfect addition to any playlist, whether you’re looking for a song to dance to or simply want to enjoy some uplifting music. Rybeena’s artistic vision shines through in every aspect of this track, showcasing his talent as a singer-songwriter and solidifying his position as one of Nigeria’s rising stars in the music industry.

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