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Simi’s New Song ‘Mr Lova’


Simi, Nigeria’s beloved songbird, has returned with a brand new single called “Mr. Lova,” and it is clear she is smitten! Following her viral collaboration with Tiwa Savage on “Men Are Crazy,” Simi dives headfirst into the world of infatuation with this captivating track.

“Mr. Lova” is a sonic love letter filled with the alluring emotions of new love. Simi’s signature sultry vocals blend seamlessly with the song’s instrumentation, creating a soundscape that is both captivating and irresistible. Her fans, who are already familiar with her ability to create vivid images with her lyrics, will not be disappointed.


The song explores the heady experience of being consumed by a love interest. Simi describes being completely immersed in “Mr. Lova,” with her desire for him burning bright. The lyrics suggest playful wooing, with a woman falling head over heels and yearning for a deeper connection. The repeated refrain “Mr. Lova” serves as both a declaration and a plea, encouraging her object of affection to reciprocate her feelings.

“Mr. Lova” exudes urgency, reflecting the all-encompassing nature of new love. Simi is no longer satisfied with admiring him from a distance; she wants him to be her “Mr. Lova,” her one and only.

This new single marks Simi’s return to form, showcasing her ability to create relatable and emotionally charged music. “Mr. Lova” is a song that every hopeless romantic can relate to; it celebrates the exhilarating highs and intoxicating desires that come with falling in love. Whether you are reminiscing about a past love or feeling the butterflies of a new romance, “Mr. Lova” is sure to resonate and leave you wanting more.


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