Vibez Inc – Vibez Incorporated Mixtape, Vol. 1 Full Album

Vibez Inc Vibez Incorporated Mixtape Vol 1 Full Album Download
Vibez Inc Vibez Incorporated Mixtape Vol 1 Full Album Download

Nigerian record label Vibez Inc. presents their anticipated project titled “Vibez Inc. Mixtape, Vol. 1 EP.”.

The amazing project contains 10 tracks performed by labelmates such as Seyi VibezTml VibezMuyeezBillion Solar, and Nerryckole, while external features include Tion WayneDwillsharmonyBallorankingStonebwoyOdumodublvck, and Bloody Civilian.


1. Instagram Vibez Inc (feat. Muyeez & Seyi Vibez)DOWNLOAD
2. Wells Fargo Vibez Inc (feat. Tml Vibez)DOWNLOAD
3. Ogo Vibez Inc (feat. Seyi Vibez & Tion Wayne)DOWNLOAD
4. Gatti Vibez Inc (feat. Seyi Vibez & Dwillsharmony)DOWNLOAD
5. Alubarika Vibez Inc (feat. Billion Solar, Tml Vibez & Balloranking)DOWNLOAD
6. Malaika Vibez Inc (feat. Seyi Vibez & Stonebwoy)DOWNLOAD
7. WhatsApp Vibez Inc (feat. Seyi Vibez & Bloody Civilian)DOWNLOAD
8. Shine Vibez Inc (feat. Nerryckole & Seyi Vibez)DOWNLOAD
9. On God Vibez Inc (feat. Seyi Vibez, Odumodublvck & Tml Vibez)DOWNLOAD
10. 247 Seyi Vibez (feat. Tml Vibez, Muyeez, Billion Solar & Nerryckole)DOWNLOAD

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