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Victony – Jaga Jaga ft AV (Babyboy AV)

<strong>Victony Jaga Jaga ft AV Babyboy AV<strong>

Afrobeat and Afro-popular music vocalist and songsmith, Victony gets back to the music scene with another very much charmed track named, ‘Jaga’. This gifted craftsman is known for his extraordinary style and enthralling exhibitions that have won him a critical continuing in the music business.

This track trails not too far behind his twofold delivery single, ‘My Dear + Angelus’, which earned broad praise and delighted in critical on the web and airplay both in his nation of origin and abroad, exhibiting an alternate feature of Victony’s melodic virtuoso.
In any case, what makes the astounding 2023 record much more unique is the cooperation with a top-promising name in the music business. The track highlights grant-winning whiz, Babyboy AV. He offers his novel style of real value, adding layers of complexity to the tune and putting forth it a genuinely cooperative attempt.

KTIZO, a skilled Nigerian music maker made a spellbinding instrumental that supplements Victony and Babyboy AV’s vocals and thoughts.

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