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WF Skyfrosh – Made in Ghetto the EP

Made in Getto the EP

“Made in Getto” is an electrifying EP by WF SkyFrosh that showcases his unique blend of hip-hop and trap music. With a total of 7 tracks, this EP takes listeners on a sonic journey through the gritty streets of the ghetto, capturing the raw essence of urban life.

The EP features collaborations with three talented artists on tracks 3 and 5, adding depth and diversity to the project. Each track is a testament to WF SkyFrosh’s exceptional production skills and his ability to seamlessly fuse different styles and sounds.

From the moment the EP kicks off, listeners are immediately drawn into the infectious beats and hard-hitting lyrics. WF SkyFrosh’s captivating flow effortlessly rides over the pulsating basslines and infectious melodies, creating an irresistible energy that is impossible to resist.

Made in Getto” is not just another run-of-the-mill hip-hop EP; it is a powerful statement of WF SkyFrosh’s artistic vision and his commitment to authenticity. The EP delves into the realities of life in the ghetto, exploring themes of struggle, ambition, and triumph. It is a testament to the resilience of those who come from challenging backgrounds and manage to rise above their circumstances.

With its infectious hooks, catchy choruses, and thought-provoking lyrics, “Made in Getto” is a must-listen for any fan of hip-hop and trap music. WF SkyFrosh’s ability to seamlessly blend different genres and collaborate with talented artists sets this EP apart, making it a standout release in the genre.

Listen on audiomack

1. Getto VibesDOWNLOAD
2. God’s PowerDOWNLOAD
3. Jaye [remix] (feat. Blessboy)DOWNLOAD
4. No RelentDOWNLOAD
5. E be things. (feat. Adexino & Justice Gold)DOWNLOAD
6. BossmanDOWNLOAD
7. Made in GettoDOWNLOAD

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